The Scenic OCR Series started off as a dream to integrate an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) with some of the Southwest’s most beautiful parks and places. So that's what we did! We created courses that immerse racers into nature’s most amazing places. Our courses our built into nature, surprising racers at every corner with something unique and fun. No boring deserts or endless forests here! Just lots of cool trails and scenery with some killer obstacles thrown in the mix. Try one of our courses out, you won't be disappointed!

Thank you for being part of the beginning of something great! We look forward to building and bettering our races every year to exceed your expectations! We love your smiles and want to keep earning them!

Upcoming Events

Lake Powell OCR

The Lake Powell OCR will integrate Northern Arizona's natural obstacles, with our awesome crafted obstacles, to create a unique course that's both beautifully brutal and amazingly fun!

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Horseshoe Bend OCR

Obstacle Course Race at one of America's most iconic backdrops. Run the scenic trails with The Colorado River to your side. Overcome obstacles through natures rugged but beautiful sandstone terrain.

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Travel & Stay

Page/Lake Powell, AZ is just over a 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Las Vegas.  From Phoenix you pass near the Grand Canyon, an easy detour to see.  From Las Vegas you pass near Zion Nation Park.  Both routes have amazing scenery to see.

Page is LOADED with options for places to stay.  With over 100 Vacation Rentals By Owner, and over 25 Hotel options, a comfortable night and hot shower will be easy to find. There are also a few great camping options on the beaches of Lake Powell. Check the NPS website for more details.